Survey #28; Bold what's true; Unique

I AM: outgoing, a sister, overwhelmed, helpful, kind, overweight, tall, caring, a shopaholic, energetic, hopefulsmartover 18, religious, a mother, a good singer, ugly, insecurea natural blonde, a leader, shyinquisitivedetermined, thirsty, frustrated, registered to vote, independent, hungry, self-conscious, a hard worker, skinny, paranoid, in love, a college/uni studenta dreamera movie buff, usually happyeasily entertainedquiet, a daddy’s girl, a smoker, employed, happy with my life, anxious, a pothead, healthy, on a desktop.

I HAVE: an iPhone, a laptop, anxiety, drugs, a tumblr, an addiction, a dog, my own car, a degree, a job, trust issues, a tempera brother, a big house, blue eyesa lot of clothesa twin bed, a big family, netflix, to pee,odd taste in musica large book collection, fast interneta big imaginationmy license, curly hair, short hair, a messy room, acne, a phobia, big boobs, a medical condition, an awkward smile, some kind of collection, taken over 1,000 surveys, a personal blog that nobody sees but megotten lost while driving, been to warped tour, big feet, bills to pay, a lot of strong opinions, a pool, an xbox, a cold, a lot of music, more than two piercings.

I WANT: a boyfriend, more moneya better body, to adopt, to move out, a new computer, to lose weight, something I cannot have, food, a baby, my hair to grow out, a new life, to be more confidenta tattoofast food, alcohol, more friends, to go on vacationto see a new movie coming out, to go shopping, a new phone, a piercingconcert tickets, someone to hang out with, to start working out, to be famous, to see a certain someonemore clothesto donate blood, bigger boobs, someone to cuddle with, a job, smaller thighsto learn how to play an instrumentmy favorite band to release a new albumsomeone to love, a new petto go to sleep, to grow up, to change something about my personality, breakfast food, them to make a new pokemon game, a new ipod, a popsicle, to learn a new skill, to be more organized, to go to college, someone to bring me breakfast in bed.

I THINK: abortion is wrong, xanga is dying, i’ll die young,I’m a good person,I’m going to hell, pickles are grossa lot of popular things are overrated, God is real, people underestimate me, my taste in music is perfect, I need a new layout, I’m pretty responsiblegay marriage should be legalI’m going to dye my hair soon, I’m funny, I’m going to make a huge decision soon, my parents hate me, I’m pretty, I have a mental disorder, I annoy peoplesomething is seriously wrong with me,of better days, a lot of Disney Channel stars grow up to be trash, The Hunger Games is overrated, the best things in life are freepopular music is pretty awful, I want to  be a vegan, I’ll make a good mother, I spend too much money on clothes, I’m too good for guys my ageI worry too much, goths are scary, the survey community is dying, politics are stupidforeign languages are interesting, hipsters are annoying, everything is better with cheeseTwilight is overrated, I will be alone forever, I might go to bed soon, I may try something new soonI’m pretty boringI may never stop taking surveys, McDonald’s is gross, celebrities are overpaid,people use me a lot, Valentine’s Day is a joke, nobody is truly original.

I LOVE: animals, shopping,cooking, going to concerts, jewelry,glitter, readingbright colors, make up, taking pictures, hot showerstexting, going to the theater, children, anime, being girlyworking out, my life, where I live, summerfruit, candles, photography, eatinglearning, rainy days, walking, painting my nails, doing my hair, music, xanga, facebook, feeling needed, getting commentstumblrhelping others,volunteering, cuddlingchewing gumyoutube, dresses, touch screens, decorating, writing, finding money in my pockets, Comedy Central.

I HATE: cleaning, driving, big crowdspolitics, religion, my period, musicals, talking on the phone, crying, fast food, going to the doctor, meat, vegetables, sitcoms, long fingernails, bad grammarcocky people, being single, facial hair, having no signal,losing, working, doing the dishesbugs, children, straight edge kids,racists, going to the dentist, going to school, arguing, hospitals, being pale, having scars, hot weather, wearing socks, listening to the radioanimal cruelty, having stubbly legs, stretched ears, wearing glasseswhen nobody texts me back, animehaving nothing to dowhen I have stray hairs stuck to my shirtwaitingbad hair days

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reblogging for the Rape Garden that i will now never un-see thanks a lot

I’m just pissed the Spice Girls weren’t the muses now

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ah yes, its almost halloween. 

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you automatically turn gay if you drink this

what happens if im already gay and i drink it tho?


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Finally I drew my fav dmmd character xD The Lines are made traditional and now i have to color it TT3TT I don’t like coloring…

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new sweater new aesthetic 

really feeling the circles on the collar of this shirt also i found more masks im gaining power

I have a mask just like that! My friend got it for me in New Orleans!
Also you’re adorable

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i can`t go to school mom the blankets have accepted me as one of their own if i leave now i might lose their trust.

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girls don’t like boys, girls like halloween and mark ruffalo’s tumblr account

I like Halloween and Tumblr, too.

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Makoto and Haru college couple students meeting. That episode hit me hard.

I love your style and how mature they look unf also holding hands

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